Become A Great American Owner / Operator
Surround Yourself With An American Payroll Expert.


What's your privacy worth? We don't give your private information away like others in the industry.

First-Name Basis

We don't assign you a customer number, we don't treat you like a number, literally.

We Got Your Back

We don't prioritize earnings per share before our hotel & restaurant clients' needs.

Full-Service Payroll

From timesheets to w-2 and everything in between, with no steps skipped.

Simple & Clear Reports

With the ability to drill down into great details for departmental costing.

Running a hotel or restaurant is challenging.
Running your payroll shouldn't be. We can help.

Service is what we do FOR our clients: processing payroll, filing tax returns, completing audit reports, etc.

Hospitality is what we do WITH our clients: return your phone calls, answer your questions, listen to you, make things right for you, we got your back.

What Differentiates Us From The Others:

Small lodging & hospitality business owner / operators are suffering. Worse yet, there is no one they can to turn to for help. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves: Does anyone out there care about me or my business? Does anyone see me struggling? Does anybody really care enough to truly help me and help me in the right way?

Most small businesses are broken, they don’t work, the small business owner works. They don’t own a business, they own a job, the business owns them. This is why we specialize in helping lodging & hospitality operations with their payroll needs.  That’s why Partners In Payroll was created. 

We provide concierge level of service and communications. We come to your doorstep and help you survive and then eventually achieve success. We have the systems, skills and knowledge to help you through every challenge you are facing. The proper payroll strategy is the single biggest talent retention tool you can develop in your small business operation.  Let us help you.

Switch Your Payroll to the Hotel / Restaurant Payroll Expert:

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