Become A Great American Owner / Operator
Surround Yourself With An American Payroll Expert.


What's your privacy worth? We don't give your private information away like others in the industry.

First-Name Basis

We don't assign you a customer number, we don't treat you like a number, literally.

We Got Your Back

We don't prioritize earnings per share before our hotel & restaurant clients' needs.

Full-Service Payroll

From timesheets to w-2 and everything in between, with no steps skipped.

Simple & Clear Reports

With the ability to drill down into great details for departmental costing.

Running a hotel or restaurant is challenging.
Running your payroll shouldn't be. We can help.

Service is what we do FOR our clients: processing payroll, filing tax returns, completing audit reports, etc.

Hospitality is what we do WITH our clients: return your phone calls, answer your questions, listen to you, make things right for you, we got your back.

What Differentiates Us From The Others:

Small lodging & hospitality business owner / operators are suffering. Worse yet, there is no one they can to turn to for help. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves: Does anyone out there care about me or my business? Does anyone see me struggling? Does anybody really care enough to truly help me and help me in the right way?

Most small businesses are broken, they don’t work, the small business owner works. They don’t own a business, they own a job, the business owns them. This is why we specialize in helping lodging & hospitality operations with their payroll needs.  That’s why Partners In Payroll was created. 

We provide concierge level of service and communications. We come to your doorstep and help you survive and then eventually achieve success. We have the systems, skills and knowledge to help you through every challenge you are facing. The proper payroll strategy is the single biggest talent retention tool you can develop in your small business operation.  Let us help you.

Switch Your Payroll to the Hotel / Restaurant Payroll Expert:

About Us:

Why Choose Partners In Payroll:

  • We have been in business since 2001
  • Our reports are simple and easy to understand with just the important information needed
  • Job costing or departmental breakdown of payroll expense and payroll tax expense are a breeze with our detailed reports
  • We get your hours and give you paychecks and an accounting entry
  • We breakdown to departments and even jobs for job costing, your accountant will love us!
  • We are just like you, we are a small, local business
  • Details are our passion.  (The devil is in the details!)
  • We understand what it is like to start a business from scratch
  • We do not send out young sales people, right out of college, selling to make a quota
  • We know what the difference between a Simple 401(k) and a Traditional 401(k) is
  • We love what we do. 
  • We are good at what we do. 
  • Ask our clients

What do our clients say about us:

  • We are very thorough and detailed oriented
  • We understand our clients’ needs
  • The client doesn’t have to worry about anything with payroll
  • We handle everything
  • We are very trust-worthy
  • We make things simple for our clients
  • We appreciate all the clients we have
  • We make you look like a hero to your boss and your employees
  • We hold you and your information confidential
  • We are accountable.  If there is an issue, we correct it free!
  • We are one-on-one, you are not just a number
  • We guarantee everything is correct

Product Services:

Your Payroll Concierge:

Concierge Level of Service & Communications

We have a Promise!  We are the best payroll processing service for small lodging & hospitality business owner / operators in the United States of America.  We give our clients complete and total control over their entire payroll process by giving them customized concierge level of service and communications.

Concierge Level of Service is reciprocal between Partners In Payroll and our client that encompasses:

  • Accountability & Responsibility
  • Commitment & Reliability
  • Communications & Transparency
  • Focus & Expertise
  • Persistence & Perseverance
  • Patience & Understanding
  • Respect & Integrity
  • Inspiration & Encouragement

Who is important to us? Small lodging & hospitality business owner operators who hire one to fifty (1-50) people.

Why are they important to us?  Because they invest their own money to give other people in their community an opportunity to better themselves and to give them a livelihood.

What’s missing in this picture? The big boys & the small accountants in this industry do not provide the market with the following things:

Here is the service and hospitality we deliver to our clients day in and day out.  We provide our clients with:

  • Total Confidentiality: We don’t advertise ‘who’ are clients are to anyone ever!  Especially their payroll information, what’s your privacy worth?  ADP and some small local accountants can NOT honestly make this statement!
  • Better Cash Flow Management: We smooth out all your payroll related cash outflows with tools such as:
    • Workers Comp Pay-As-You-Go: Independent of any insurance carrier, we provide complete impounding, depositing and reporting of all wages and insurance premiums due to the insurance carrier.
    • Total Tax Impounding: Complete impounding, depositing and reporting of all federal, state and local taxes.  Even local service taxes.
  • 100 Percent Up-Front and Transparent; All-Inclusive Pricing: You only pay us to process your payroll without being charged out the back door.  What we quote you is what you pay, period.  We never charge for audits, year-end W-2 processing & filing, or 1099’s.
  • Our Copyrighted Simple Summary Recap Report: simple and yet meaningful reports include: 
    • General Ledger Account Analysis: captures all aspects of the payroll run by highlighting the general ledger accounts that are affected by that payroll transaction. 
    • Cash Analysis: breaks down the cash outlays for payroll for easy understanding.
    • Check Register: breaks down the checks by check number for bank reconciliations.
    • Departmental & / Or Job Breakouts: allocation for job cost accounting purposes. 
    • Safe & Secure Report Delivery: Encrypted reports are emailed after processing. Simple & easy to access,  print and / or download.
  • Full-Service Payroll Processor: We do everything payroll; from timesheets to paychecks to tax returns to workers compensation audits.  We also include:
    • Customized One-On-One Service: We don’t treat you like a number. Every detail of our service is completely critiqued to your desire.
    • PTO Tracking: 
      • Paid Time Off Allocations
      • Holidays, Vacations, Sick Time
      • Bereavement, Personal Time
      • Just to name a few.
    • Direct Deposit: We offer two options for paying your employees electronically: 
      • Either we can partner with your business bank to deliver a guaranteed ACH processing, to ensure 100% success of employees’ funds transfer directly from your business checking account.  OR
      • We can provide you with our ACH vendor who is the nation’s best and most reliable third-party ACH processor that offers you a one-day processing period for employee direct deposit funds transfer.
    • Payroll Deductions: You name it; we’ll do it and report it for you.  Items such as: 
      • Retirement plans for employees and employer matches and contributions
      • Health, dental, vision, long-term and short-term disability, Aflac, life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
      • State child support court orders, local wage and civil court wage attachments
      • Employee pay and tip advances
    • Employee Pay Summaries & W-2: Employees can receive pay stubs via email in real time & W-2’s are mailed directly to their homes every January. 

Service Markets:

We provide services to the following markets:

Small to medium size (1 to 50 employees) business operation types:

Lodging & Hospitality Operations: (our main focus)

  • Limited-Service Motels
  • Full-Service Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfast Inns
  • Vacation Rental Management Companies
  • Pizza Parlors & Take out
  • Diners & Coffee Cafes
  • Family Restaurants
  • Fine Dining Restaurants
  • Taverns & Night Clubs
  • Wineries & Craft Beer Breweries

Other Types of Operations:

  • Golf Courses
  • Heath & Fitness Clubs
  • Dry Cleaning Services
  • Small Medical Practices
  • Business Consultants & Coaching Advisers
  • Insurance Sales Agencies
  • Auto Repair & Service Centers
  • Retail Sales Stores
  • Hair and Nail Salon
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Manufacture Representatives
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Construction Contractors,  just to name a few.

Service Areas:

We serve the following regionals:

  • Western PA:
    • Allegheny County:
      • Pittsburgh
      • Monroeville
      • Plum Borough
      • Penn Hills
      • North Hills
      • South Hills
      • Sewickley
      • Wilkinsburg
    • Westmoreland County:
      • Greensburg
      • Murrysville
      • Delmont
      • Latrobe
      • Jeannette
      • Irwin
      • Derry
      • New Alexandria
    • Indiana County:
      • Blairsville
      • Indiana
      • Homer City
      • Clymer
    • Butler County:
      • Butler
    • Blair County:
      • Altoona
      • Hollidaysburg
    • Washington County:
      • Washington
    • Centre County:
      • State College
      • Boalsburg
      • Bellefonte
    • Erie County:
      • Erie
      • Northeast
  • Eastern PA (Philadelphia & Wilkes Barre)
  • Western New York (Buffalo & Rochester)
  • Eastern New York (New York City)
  • Maryland (Washington, DC, Baltimore & Annapolis)
  • Delmarva Peninsula (Dover Delaware, Salisbury MD )

Contact Us:

Office Address:
Partners In Payroll, LLC
160 Conemaugh Street
Blairsville, PA 15717
(888) 554-3332

Partners In Payroll